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Putting Artemis’ Temples on the Map – The Struggle is Real

So much of the search for Artemis remains uncovered. Of the 165(ish) temples that I’ve listed in my doctoral research, only less than a third have been recognized by both scholars and archaeological projects.

If you google “locations of Artemis temples” you will get a semi comprehensible map of approximately 35 temples identified by early Classicists and turned into popular tourist sites. Most of the sites refer to the Greek Artemis of the Hunt, and are spread across the Mediterranean and a few parts of the Middle East and North Africa:

Locations of Temples of Artemis

Part of the purpose of this page is to identify and document all  temples to the goddess Artemis, in all her forms, and bring to light how popular and fundamental her worship was for thousands of years.

So much of her influence was diminished under the academic endorsement of Athena and Aphrodite. Early Classicists were so enamored with the progenitor of Athens, or the goddess of fertility and love, that they continuously skipped over Artemis’ fundamental status within ancient worship and ritual.

The search for her temples is paramount in revealing her long standing traditions and the complexity of her divine transformations and mythological adaptions.


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